Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interview with Pedro Rizzo

Here's an interview with Pedro Rizzo at brazilian Sport TV. There's also a brief conversation with Lyoto Machida, a great Karateka and friend. I've learned a lot from his father and I wish him all the best, for he holds the true spirit of Karate-Do.

I'm sorry but it's in Portuguese. Pedro talks openheartedly about his career, his passion for fighting, his family and his Master, Marco Ruas.

Those who can understand Portuguese will understand why I consider him my best friend. He has a huge heart and Is, by far, a better person than I'll ever be.

You can't stop The Rock, and If you try, you'll have to stop me either, for I'll be at his side to the end and that will be an honor.

Pedro ROCKS !!!!


Sorry, but due to problems with the video compression and audio sync, the interview was removed from it`s original server. As soon as they publish it again I`ll update the post once more.

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