I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in 1967 and started to draw shortly after.

In 1987, I went to the Fine Arts School of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University to improve my artistic knowledge and skills under the tutelage of Masters such as Rui de Oliveira and Gilberto Strunk, among so many others, diving deeply in the fundamentals of Illustration, Sequential Art and Visual Storytelling, and eventually Traditional Animation.

After leaving the university, I started my career as independent Illustrator and Animator until 1995, when I've joined the Waldyr Lima Editora's Animation Division team going through every major step of animation production from clean up, in between, character development, storyboards and Animation.

After the extinction of the Animation Division, I've co-founder MMS Computers with my younger brother, and specialized in computer graphics for printed media and Animation.

In 1997 I was invited to join TABA Editora, as Art Director of a series of illustrated fascicles reaching over 600,000 households per week. With the need to spread TABA's activities throughout other media, I was ahead of the visual development of the Animation, websites, multimedia and managed the production team of Illustrators, Animators and publishing professionals.

I've started PUGNAX Animation in 2000 where I've continued producing digital illustration and video content, compositing, special effects and 3D Animation for TABA and other clients such as: TV Globo, Rio Convention and Visitors Bureau, Daniel Azulay, Warner Music, Be! Interactive, Sinapse Tecnologia Educacional, Amaral Consultoria, Dash Design e Brainter New Media.

I was asked to join TV Globo VFX Division in 2004, where I worked as Senior Animator until 2013, developing and creating digital animated characters in the largest audio-visual production facility in the world, the CGP (Globo Production Center)

I am currently working as a freelancer Ilustrator and Animator end producing digital imaging for all kinds of media.

When I have some spare time, I still like to draw and paint water colors of dogs and cats with my daughter.


  1. Olá Marcos,
    Parabéns pela carreira profissional. Sou Marcelo Piolla e gostaria de saber os seus ascendentes (Pais/Avós/Bisavós). Tenho um primo no Rio (Barra/Recreio) filho do meu Tio Hermínio (Nito. Meu hobby é a genealogia da família e no website:, vc pode ver a minha árvore genealógica. Quem sabe não encontra parentes? Grande abraço!! Marcelo Piolla

    1. Olá Marcelo, desculpe não ter visto isso antes. Vou dar uma olhada sim!
      Moro no Recreio mas não conheço outros Piolla por aqui. Abraço!