Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old Man Dies - Digital Aged Character

Old Man Dies from Marcos Piolla on Vimeo.

We had to create a digital actor for the miniseries "Amazonia" from TV Globo, Brasil. We needed to "age" the famous actor Jose de Abreu to 90 years old. But before the green light was on the director wanted to see a test and gave us 10 days. This is what we showed him...

I did the model in Lightwave based on Beto Campo's concepts. He also did the sculpt in Zbrush and Caio Nascimento textured it. Alexandre "Thunndro" Areal did the base rig in Max while I modeled the morphs in Lightwave. The final shot had 5 minutes of animation done by Alexandre "Thunndro" Areal, Rafael Ambrosio and myself.

He was the first digital actor in Brasilian television....

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