Saturday, January 17, 2009

Casseta e Planeta

Casseta e Planeta - Making of from Marcos Piolla on Vimeo.

This one was for the feature "Seus Problemas Acabaram!" (Your troubles are over!) from Casseta e Planeta, a famous group of comediants here in Brasil. The film was directed by José Lavigne and VFX produced by Gustavo Guarnier.

We had litle more than 3 months do animate two scenes of about 2 min. each. The other one was mixed with live action.
Ive supervised the production involving 7 artists.

Concepts: Marcos Piolla
Character Design: Marcos Piolla and Marcelo Papf
Storyboards: Marcos Piolla and Bruno Costa
Animation: Marcos Piolla, Sid Ahearne, Bruno Costa, Marcelo Papf, Tiago Saad and Aline Coelho
Compositing: Diego Gabrig
BGs: Beto Campos

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