Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bang! Bang!

Bang Bang from Marcos Piolla on Vimeo.

We did this in 2005. It was the first scene of the first chapter of a TV show.

I was ahead of the 10 artists team that delivered the 5 min animated scene in 3 months. I did the concepts, character design, color scripts, the second storyboard (firs one done by VFX producer Gustavo Guarnier) Animated and did some of the compositing in After Effects.

Alexandre "Thunndro" Areal did all the 3D BG, pre viz, and rendering pipeline. I've animated and supervised all the animation done by Orlando Merola, Marcelo Papf, Bruno Costa, Tiago Saad e Leonardo Finocchi. Ricardo Queiroz did all the 2D BGs and painted the textures for the 3D BG. Diego Gabrig and Romulo Oliveira did the compositing in After Effects.

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