Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sorrow...Tadashi Takeuchi Sensei Passed Away

I've discovered today, with great sadness, from a former instructor and colleague, Gustavo Lucena, that my first Sensei passed away. He was the toughest guy I've met and one of the best Karateka of all time. Everything he did was absolutely perfect and his technique was a rare thing to see.

TADASHI TAKEUCHI is gone, but we, who knew him and learned something from him will always remember the great Master. One of a kind...

He lost his last fight (the only one I know he lost) in 11/16/07 from a heart attack, result of a treatment against stomach cancer.

One of the last, real Samurai!

Gustavo ( with him in the picture ) waited 18 years for our Master to come back to Brasil to get his Black Belt from his own hands. I congratulate his loyalty!


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