Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Shark in love.....

Another scene from this guy. Now he asks for help to get the girl he wants. The problem starts when his wife arrives!

This time we had other Animators in the project. I just animated a couple of shots, modeled and adapted the rig for the female shark and did the Shark's wife from scratch.

Sid Ahearne is back with us and animated some of the scenes.
Pedro Vasconcelos managed and organized all the production, from story reels to basic compositing in After Effects. The final compositing was done in Flame by Jonas Ribeiro.

Paula Gouvea and Pedro Vasconcelos were THE MAIN ARTISTS involved in the project. Both of them were our interns and today are TV Globo's employees, improving themselves as Animators and managing projects. They've animated most of the sequence. I am very proud of them.

Again, every character animated in Lightwave and rendered in Max with the render pipeline developed by Alexandre "Thunndro" Areal.

I hope everybody likes....

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