Sunday, September 20, 2009

You can't stop The Rock !!!

People still didn't realized that the only one that can stop Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo is, of course, himself. If he is with the right mind and free of injuries, (which is rare, for his training is really tough!) I don't believe anyone would beat him. Those who suffered the pain of his strikes and kicks know what I'm talking About...

I know I'm suspicious, for we are like brothers and I consider him and his family part of my own family, but I've trained with him in the old days, and Marco Ruas and other great champions of different styles of martial arts, and I saw NO ONE that could hurt people so badly.

Here he is with my daughter, Júlia:

This one he is with his gorgeous daughter, Laila:

And here I am at my birthday between Pedro, his Brother, Felipe and My Master, Flavio Costa Sensei in front of us:

This one was taken at my daughter, Júlia's 3rd birthday party. From left to right, Orlando Costa, my Master's younger brother, Oswaldo Gonçalves, both top Karate-ka and instructors at Flavio Costa Dojo, Pedro Rizzo and the great champion and friend, Peter Aerts:

And as we are from Rio de Janeiro, here we are at the beach:

Here he and his wife Glaucia holding my two daughters, Júlia and Bella...

This time was Jeff Monson. A tough guy that has beaten great fighters and was knocked out by Pedro some time ago. He tried again and lost once more. If Pedro wasn't hurt in the arm less than a week before the fight and on treatment after a knee surgery a month ago, I don't think Monson would get out of that fight in one piece, though he suffered several injuries and was limping.

These are from the first fight.....

Pedro ROCKS !!!!!

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