Saturday, July 16, 2011

Richard Amos Sensei in Rio

Today I've attended a seminar with Richard Amos Sensei. It was a great day. I've met old friends and had the greatest time. He is a highly skilled Karate-ka and a very clever teacher.

More about Amos Sensei:

Richard Amos

TITLE:Chief Instructor
GRADE:6th Dan
Born in England in 1963, Richard Amos sensei began karate at age 10. Occasionally teaching from as young as 15 he was invited onto the KUGB Junior Karate Team at 18. By the age of 23 he had competed in England and Europe gaining many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in numerous championships.
After a two-year sojourn in New York, he went to Japan to train at the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association and stayed 10 years. During that time he completed the 3-year instructor's program of the JKA (only the 2nd Westerner ever to do so in its 50-year history), placed second or third in the All-Japan Championships several times (no non-Japanese had ever reached the semi-finals before), taught many classes each week over a 6-year period in the headquarters of the JKA (another first) and opened his own school in the heart of Tokyo.
In 2000 Amos sensei moved to New York again, this time as an established professional karate instructor with an international reputation. He is currently the chief instructor of the World Traditional Karate Organization heading its instructor program and teaches everyday at the headquarters dojo on 63rd Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. 

The training was excellent and his didactic is perfect! The emphasis was in movement. He showed us many ways of training ma-ai or "engagement distance" and also how and when to compress and expand while shifting our body.

I congratulate my dear friend Felipe and Roberto Sant'Anna Sensei for the initiative. I hope they bring him again and other great Instructors as well.

We have a saying here that goes something like: "Tell me whom you walk with and I'll tell you who you are." That being true, I just want to hang out with the best. These are some pictures of Amos Sensei with some of the best of the best...

Here is Amos Sensei with the late Asai Sensei:

And with Yahara Sensei:

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