Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs is gone...

Excellence. If I had to describe Steve Jobs in one word it would be excellence. Despite all of his qualities the one that impresses me most and the one that will be missed most is his absolute obssession for excellence.
Steve would constantly and obssessively seek the outstanding. The merely good is not, and should never be enough.

People usually seek perfection (do they?) by trying to cut off every bit of imperfection, wich is good but, by doing so, they become experts in finding and getting rid of imperfection and this is not the same thing as finding greatness.

The greatest Bull Terrier breeder of modern times used to state that (in a dog) the biggest flaw is not having one great quality. Don't focus on the flaws but rather strive to get one great quality. This is the secret of achieving excellence.

I believe that Steve's legacy is excellence. Let us hope that the companies he left behind do not forget this.
The world is in desperate need of people who seek excellence and Steve's passing away is a hell of a loss in the war against mediocrity.

I'll continue to think different for as long as I'm here but it won't be the same without him instigating human beings to do so.

Farewell and thanks for everything.

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